What We Do


We elevate patient engagement and access to care to improve health outcomes


At Nuvimedix™, we engineer and market a cutting-edge telemedicine solution to meet the primary care needs of populations regardless of location or setting. Integrated hardware and proprietary software make distant patient encounters more natural to facilitate patient engagement and achieve better health outcomes. Electronic health record (EHR) data are available on demand and in real time to support best practices in healthcare and health information management, efficiently and cost-effectively.

With the Nuvimedix™ solution the patient and healthcare provider(s) have face-to-face interaction, with state-of-the-art devices recording accurate vital signs, routine multi-chemistry and electrolyte blood tests, blood glucose levels, electrocardiograms, heart, lung and abdominal sounds, and diagnostic-quality images of the patient's body and skin. Patient physiological data and provider notes from each encounter are saved on a secure, HIPAA compliant database, and can be retrieved from external electronic health records interfaced to the Nuvimedix™ database via HL-7. Data exchange is over highly encrypted channels.

Our solution is designed to be multilingual, with nation-specific diagnostic and procedure codes to facilitate billing, clinical decision support and population health management. It is currently available in English and Spanish, with other languages under development.


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